Integrating Roborock Vacuums with Home Assistant

Here is the code mentioned in the video for the last step:

type: 'custom:xiaomi-vacuum-map-card'
entity: vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum
calibration_points: null
camera_calibration: true
map_camera: camera.xiaomi_cloud_map_extractor

Today’s video is a part 2 to last week’s review video on the Roborock S5 MAX. This method should work for ALL Roborock vacuums (possibly even the Xaiomi ones).

Please leave feedback if this worked for your model of vacuum.

We look at how to move the vacuum to the MiHome app, retrieve the token from the MiHome app and then how to set up the vacuum in Home Assistant.

I did also include some optional cards that move a lot of the functionality from MiHome to Home Assistant.

▶ Links in Video:

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MiHome 5.4 (used to retrieve the token):

Home Assistant Docs – Xiaomi Robot Vacuum:

(Github) Lovelace Custom Vacuum Card:

(GitHub) Lovelace Xiaomi Vacuum Map Card:

(GitHub) Xiaomi Cloud Map Extractor:

Code for Xiaomi Vacuum Map Card: