Home Assistant Community Store (HACS) // Quick & Easy Setup in 2021

Favorite HACS Components

In my video, I mentioned that I have a number of favorite HACS integrations and Lovelace UI elements. All of these elements are available in the HACS store.

NWS Alerts


I mentioned this in my Severe Weather alerts video. This is the central component that pulls down alerts from the National Weather Service.

Fully Kiosk Browser


This one lets you control your Android tablets running Fully Kiosk Browser.

Yahoo Finance


This one we used in my Tracking Crypto and Stocks video. It lets you pull data from Yahoo Finance.

Wyze API


This is actually a future video. Lets you pull Wyze sensors, locks, bulbs, and switches into Home Assistant (not video feeds).

Xiaomi Vacuum Map Extractor


From my Roborock vacuum video, this will pull the map down from your Roborock / Xiaomi vacuum and display it in Home Assistant.

Google Fit


This one lets you pull data from Google Fit and display it without all of the API calls.

Mail and Packages


Another future video. This one uses an IMAP connection to your email box that will show you what packages (USPS, Fedex, UPS, and Amazon) are coming to your home.

Power Calculation


I am still playing with this one, but it lets you create virtual power sensors for lights.

Adaptive Lighting


An updated version of the circadian lights integration. This one changes your light’s color and brightness automatically to match the outside lighting conditions.